Effective Use of the Google People Search Engine

Google People Finder

If you are tying to find some ones phone number, the Google People Finder search is a great place to start.  Go to the Google search bar and enter the persons full name in quotation marks.  If this person has entered their name and phone number on the web for any reason, Google will find it. Google can also help if you already have a phone number and need to find out who it belongs to.  This may be done using a technique that is known as “revere number lookup”.   Until November, 2010 Google actually had what was known as “phonebook operator”.  Phonebook operator made matching a phone number to a name extremely easy.  Unfortunately, Google closed down its phonebook operator feature due to a large volume of complaints.

Mostly these complaints came from people who found their own names and numbers in the index.  However, a reverse phone number lookup can still be performed if you know how to work it.  Enter the entire phone number, including the area code, into the Google search bar.  An example of this would be, 555-555-5555.  This will generate a list of numerous phone directories which that particular number is associated with.  Let’s say for instance you follow these steps and the search engine returns with 555-555-555, Groveton, TX phone directory.  You may be able to look up the phone directory for Groveton, Texas and find the name which matches the number.

Also, the name of the town may trigger a memory for you which allows you to reason who the number belongs to.  If you see Groveton, TX and remember that your mom had an uncle Bob there, then the number that has been showing up on your cell phone just may be that of uncle Bob’s.  If the number is associated with a business, the name of the business will most likely show up. Most businesses do not list their phone numbers as private.

Google People Search

In todays technology filled world we can locate most anyone with little effort. It is even simple to find out personal information concerning the person we inquire about. One of the best search tools offered is the Google People Search. You can Google people from your past and quickly ascertain information about their current where abouts. Below are some tips for using the Google search engine to perform your investigations. First, you must understand that Google does not have a designated program or search bar for finding people. When you hear people refer to the terms “Google people”, “Google people search”, and “Google people finder”, they literally mean that you enter the persons information into the Google search bar.

You may find the Google search bar at google.com. Google has available access to over a billion worldwide websites. If a name, address, phone, number, etc. has been on the web for any reason, Google can most likely retrieve it. For example, lets say that you have not talked to your Aunt Martha in over ten years. You have no idea where she now lives or what her phone number may be. Aunt Martha has a website(which you do not know exits) designed for the sale of her prized poodle puppies. On the site she lists her contact information for potential buyers. Bingo! Google can locate this information using only her first and last names.

As well, you may want to note that Google may link the number to a social network such as Facebook or Twitter, if the owner has listed as a member there.  This is another good step in the right direction to finding the numbers owner.  Often if you are a member of the same social network you can visit the site and run a search for the person you desire to locate.  If you are not already a member to the site you may want to consider joining.  Social sites are another good place for keeping up with current friends, and locating the ones you have lost touch with.

Google People Search Free

If the person you search for is very active on the internet you may simply be able to find them by entering whatever existing information that already you have, name, zipcode, etc.  This information may yield things such as their complete address, directions to their house, profession or place of work.  You never now exactly what you will find when performing a free Google people search. Its always interesting to see what you do come up with.  It’s definitely worth a try.  Its free, its easy, and you can be your own private investigator!

Just keep in mind that the art of performing a reverse phone number search is not an exact science. It will provide you with clues and leads, yet may still require a considerable amount of work on your part. The reverse phone lookup may or may not directly display the persons phone number. If it does not yield the phone number, it will still likely provide you with other pertinent information. It may provide you with the name of a business or company in which the person works, or a website that they are frequent visitors to, or even one that they have created. These tips will have you headed in the right direction for finding the owner of this mystery phone number.

Another key factor which you may want to keep in mind when it comes to the Google people search free technique is that if you can use it to find someone else, someone can likely use it to locate you as well.  The more you enter your personal information on the web, the easier you will be to find.  This can be a good thing if you want to be easily located.  However, if you wish to remain more low key it may not be to your benefit.  Try it some time.  Enter your own information into the Google search bar and just see what you come up with.  You may be surprised at what you find!

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